Commitment to Massachusetts

"Every American should have the opportunity to receive a quality education, a job that respects their dignity and protects their safety, and health care that does not condemn those whose health is impaired to a lifetime of poverty and lost opportunity." - Senator Ted Kennedy

Throughout his life, Senator Edward M. Kennedy championed the causes of the forgotten and marginalized. It was never more apparent than in his commitment to the people of Massachusetts, for whom he fought tirelessly for better schools, better jobs, and better health care.

The Boston Globe once called Senator Kennedy's work in helping the citizens of Massachusetts cut through the federal government bureaucracy to obtain the benefits and service they needed "legendary."

Senator Kennedy’s pride for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ran deep and his contributions to its people will be missed.

"No politician ever made me feel more that public life could be a noble calling or better about who I was and where I came from," Gov. Deval Patrick said, remembering Senator Kennedy. "He loved the Commonwealth and this country. He loved the American people. But he also believed that we could be better. And it was that vision of a better America that he went to work for every day. And millions of veterans and working people and woman and people with disabilities and racial and ethnic minorities, millions of pragmatic idealists who want to believe that they can make the world better through public service, are in his debt."

Said Massachusetts Lt. Governor Tim Murray: “Senator Kennedy may have walked with presidents and prime ministers, but he was always accessible to the people of Massachusetts and he was dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals and families in every region of the state that he loved.”

This section spotlights nearly two dozen of the issue areas in which Senator Kennedy delivered for the people of Massachusetts, either through direct intervention or through legislative leadership.