Nancy Weill

As a long-time journalist, who now works at IDG in Boston, I can think of no other senator whose staff is more helpful, responsive or courteous to journalists than Senator Kennedy's has always been, which must be a tribute to the skill he had as a manager and to the values he insisted upon among his staff.

As someone involved for many years in various ministries to help homeless and poor people, and in work for civil rights and just-peace causes, I know of no other politician who was as responsive and helpful as Senator Kennedy.

Well before I became a resident of the Commonwealth 13 years ago, I admired Sen. Kennedy, but my admiration only grew after I became one of his constituents. And it increased all the more a few years ago when I saw him at Fenway Park, where he was among the other Red Sox fans. In between innings all through the game, he chatted with everyone who approached him -- and many did approach him -- posing for photographs and signing autographs, all the while with a huge smile, obviously enjoying both the game and the company. We were very taken by how gracious and giving of his time and attentions he was that day.

My family and I will hold all of you in our prayers in the coming days as you mourn, knowing it must be especially difficult to also be mourning Mrs. Shriver at this time. May you all feel God's abundant healing mercy and grace as you make your way without them both here to love, guide and inspire all of you in person; though no doubt their love, guidance and inspiration will ever be with everyone who knew them.